Sliced ​​Frankfurt Sausage Campofrío

June 27th, 2024


Campofrio presents a new disruptive reference, the 'Sausage', which combines the flavor of sausage with its sliced ​​format, in a practical presentation, which allows the product to be opened and closed to keep it fresh.

Made with the same formula as its Frankfurt sausages, Campofrío's 'Salchiloncha' offers the flavor of its sausages, intense, smoky and slightly spicy, in sliced ​​format. It can be consumed hot or cold, in addition to being used as an ingredient in pizzas, sandwiches, wraps...

Free of allergens, contains mechanically separated meat from chicken, water, pork fat, aromas, starch, dextrose, salt, stabilizers (E466, E450, E452), smoke aroma, spices, antioxidant (E316) and preservatives (E250, E262 ).

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