Slidissime of Promens

November 8th 2013

Specialist in airless pouch systems, Promens presents an innovation in airless jars with a new gesture: The Slide. Slidissime is equipped with a touch & slide pump that combines modernity, ergonomics and sensuality.
Existing standard airless jars use piston airless technology and are equipped with a side or center trigger, a standard dispenser or a push button. With Slidissime, the consumer experiences a tactile sensation. The dose of the cream is obtained by touching it using a sliding motion. With a simple slide of the membrane, the dose is released through the system through a tiny hole. Located at one end of the “touch & slide” pump, the hole is closed after each dosage, avoiding any damage to the formula, which does not contact air or fingers. Slidissime guarantees protection against oxidation, UV rays and other external contamination throughout its use.

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