Smurfit Kappa AquaStop, new recyclable waterproof packaging paper

9, June, 2022

Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa presents an innovative waterproof packing paper. Called AquaStop™ and developed in collaboration with the Smurfit Kappa Totana plant (Murcia), it is part of the company's new TechniPaper® line, made up of a range of sustainable papers with technical-mechanical properties that solve the problems of the most complex supply chains .

AquaStop™ is waterproof thanks to a special coating that is applied during its manufacturing process. Unlike many other similar solutions, it does not compromise the recyclability of the packaging, so this it can be recycled in the same way as any other made with traditional paper.

In addition, designed to withstand exposure to water without deteriorating and is suitable for e-commerce products as well as flowers, detergent and food such as fish, fruits and vegetables that need temporary protection against water.

It is also particularly suitable for use in wet conditions, as it allows packaging made from this type of paper to remain intact while protecting the contents, making it an excellent solution for transporting and storing refrigerated products. exposed to condensation.

This paper is part of Smurfit Kappa's Better Planet Packaging product line, which offers sustainable alternatives to other single-use materials.


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