Stora Enso updates the CKB

17, December, 2014

Stora Enso's CKB board has been improved and is now lighter. The CKB is mainly used for food and beverage multipacks and cardboard boxes.

Thanks to Stora Enso's investments in carton machines at the Skoghall factory in Sweden, weight reduction technology can now be applied to all weights in the CKB range.

The weights of the new CKB range will go from 175 to 380 g / m2, which means that the highest weights have been reduced by 10 g / m2. The number of trees used in the production of the CKB is 135.000, less than what was needed in 2010, and represents the entry of 600 fewer trucks into the factory.
CKB is a multilayer cardboard with a kraft back. It stands out for its natural brown reverse, its resistance, its good printability and machinability in the transformation and packaging processes.


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