Studio Tumpic / Prenc designs the packaging for Latini Olive Oil

3, February, 2020

Latini Olive Oil (Svetvincenat

Latino Olive Oil (Svetvincenat, Croatia), designed by Studio Tumpic / Prenc (Rovinj, Croatia), got a Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design in the Packaging Design category.
The concept of the packaging for the Latini brand of olive oil establishes a close connection with its Istrian production area. In the 1880s, Tone, an ancestor of the company's founders, worked in olive groves in Istria that were later owned by Italians known as 'Latini'. The design visualizes that Tone once received a plaid shirt for a day's salary and his family earned the nickname 'Latini'. Tone's descendants today produce olive oil under the name Latini.
The goal was to evoke this story by designing a label similar to a plaid shirt. The text on a card tucked into the label's 'shirt pocket' tells the story of the Latini family behind the product.


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