Tamara Falcó designs the new Nestlé Caja Roja can

26th October 2021

Tamara Falcó designs the new Nestlé Caja Roja can

This year, Tamara Falco, a brand ambassador, has designed the illustrations for the iconic can of chocolates NEstlé Red Box.

For the design of the can, which includes 54 chocolates of the most acclaimed varieties of Nestlé Caja Roja, Tamara Falcó has been inspired by the little moments that, for her, make Christmas one of the most special times of the year.

To the question of what does Christmas mean for you, Tamara ?, she replies: «Christmas is my favorite time of the year, not only because of the celebration but also because of what it means to me: enjoying moments with family and being surrounded by friends. In the design of this can I wanted to capture the little moments that make Christmas something magical for me. How to decorate the tree, prepare gifts with my dog ​​Jacin or decorate the house.

Like the rest of the Nestlé Caja Roja and Nestlé Dark Sublime assortments of chocolates, this product is made in the Nestlé factory in La Penilla de Cayón (Cantabria), with milk from the Cantabrian coast and cocoa obtained in a 100% sustainable way from through Nestle Cocoa Plan

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