Tetra Pak® launches Tetra Alsafe® for ESL

1th September 2014

Tetra Pak® launches Tetra Alsafe® for ESL production. It is an automated tank that incorporates a constant temperature control, which preserves the quality of the product between the process and the packaging. With this innovation, the company completes its offer for the production of ESL products (extended shelf life) with quality control throughout the entire line.

ESL products, which are distributed in the cold chain and with a shelf life of up to 30 days, are gaining popularity among consumers, as well as retailers and producers, for convenience in planning due to a longer shelf life in compared to traditional pasteurized products.
Tetra Alsafe for ESL production adds a continuous circular configuration to the packaging line, allowing products to continue to circulate under refrigerated conditions in the event of an unplanned outage. In this way, the risk of bacteria growth that can arise if the temperature of the product increases as a result of the product remaining stagnant for the duration of an unexpected stop of the line is eliminated.

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