Tetra Pak exceeds 500 billion FSC® certified packages

4th September 2019

Tetra pak has commercialized more than 500 billion containers certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) worldwide.
After launching the first FSC certified packaging in the world in 2007 with J Sainsbury, the increase in these packages has grown steadily and accelerated in the last three years. Tetra Pak's latest environmental research shows that there is a growing trend of consumers interested in environmental issues: one in two consumers are seeking environmental certification seals on the products they buy.
En Spain, where all the containers that Tetra Pak markets are already made with FSC paper and other controlled sources, the level of presence of the FSC seal in the design of the containers is very high, currently reaching 86% of everything marketed. “We are working to incorporate the FSC seal in 100% of our packaging, making our customers aware of the importance of incorporating this seal in their packaging to give visibility to the consumer of the responsible origin of the cardboard used in manufacturing. Sometimes it is complicated due to lack of space in the design, but we are on the right track, and we hope to end this year with 90% of the packaging marketed in Spain including the FSC seal ”, he says. Ingrid Falcao, Customer Sustainability Expert of Tetra Pak Iberia.

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