The Life Plasmix project enters its final phase

8, May, 2023


The LIFE Plasmix project is already in its final phase. company led FCC Environment and with the participation of ANAIPANDALTECLindner Washtech EngineeringSTADLER SelectSTADLER AnlagenbauPELLENC and University of Granada, LIFE Plasmix has set up a plant to mechanically recover, separate and recycle mixed plastic waste from urban collection (known as the rest fraction) thus avoiding that they end up incinerated or in landfills.

In the project follow-up meeting, the representatives of the participating organizations together with the person in charge of LIFE visited the Ecocentral and verified the progress that has been made since the last meeting at the plant. At the meeting, the results of the preliminary characterization of plastic waste separated from solid urban waste, its mechanical and thermal properties and other characteristics were presented, based on which the pre-treatment lines and the specific equipment that compose it have been designed. . A closed circuit for treating the water used in the process has also been installed.

As for the procedures, the selection phase and the separation phase are carried out at the Ecocentral plant itself, while washing and drying are done in another, located just a few kilometers away. The material obtained and previously characterized, can be used for sectors such as packaging or the automotive industry, although it is also being tested in other sectors and applications.

Once the project is complete, the Ecocentral plant will recycle more than 3.700 tons per year from waste polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) by optical separation, washing and extrusion. The ultimate goal is replicar this technology and implement it on a large scale from 2026.


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