TNT Global Manufacturing manufactures the Anomalia Essence(s) Versatile(s) cap

3, November, 2022

TNT Global Manufacturing

the parisian brand Anomaly requested TNT Global Manufacturing to design and produce the stopper for his Essence Collection(s) Versatile(s), which celebrates uniqueness and authenticity, imagined in collaboration with floral artist and fragrance “architect” Daniel Ost.

El plug made of zamak is galvanized with nickel. Its black finish has been achieved by spraying, while its base has been covered in gold. A PP liner completes the cap. The tone-on-tone embossed logo appears discreetly at the top.

The Essence(s) Versatile(s) Eaux de Parfum collection is made up of: Roca Rosa, Ceremonia, Entre Acto, Humanist Gardens, Narcotic Bohemia, Aquatic Ozonic and Abed.


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