TNT Global Manufacturing and TNT Promo sublimate By Far Daydream

10, October, 2022

TNT Global Manufacturing

TNT Global Manufacturing and TNT Promo have combined their experience for the collection of Refillable Eau de Parfum By Far Daydream.

Two powder-coated aluminum shells and a zamak neck adorn this bottle. The embossed logo and the zamac neck design define the container. The inside of the POK neck and base were essential to guarantee the support of this travel accessory. The cap casing liner is PP.

A stainless steel key allows the opening of the body casing to replace the bottle or for a new customization, since the body casings and caps are available in 6 colors and the neck in 2 finishes: gold ecoating and bright white galvanized + varnish.

The TNT Global Manufacturing development teams have been able to design a closure system to guarantee the integrity of this container conceived as a mobile and travel fashion accessory.

Finally, TNT Promo has Creado the case and the VIP display, which presents the coffrets, the bags and the keyrings, as well as the Duo boxes, which house two cases of different colors and two refills.

This limited edition is a double opening rose lacquered MDF case with a large interior mirror, gold By Far signature and orange leather closure straps.

The placement of the products has been carefully studied to guarantee the balance of the box when the two panels are opened at the top and at the front. The interior of the upper panel is equipped with several compartments, all of them with a dedicated hook and strap to hold the various accessories. All bottom wedges are removable to make this box reusable.

The Duo boxes are made of cardboard wrapped with FCS paper and highlight the products, thanks to the interior trays in contrasting orange and fuchsia colours.


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