TNT Group collaborates in the launch of Cartier Les Bases à Parfumer

June 7th, 2024


For the original ritual Les Bases à Parfumer de Cartier, the iconic French luxury brand hired TNT Group for the design and manufacture of the bottle cap for L'Huile Pure, the sister product of La Crème Pure.

Made in Europe, the lid features a gold-plated zamak casing, assembled with a PP insert by crimping. To offer an exceptional user experience, the cap has undergone a meticulous semi-automatic and manual production and finishing process. This ensures a silky touch, a pleasant sensation of opening and a color consistent with the entire packaging line.

For Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent, perfume is the pinnacle of art, an endeavor that is both subtle and demanding. She imagined Les Bases à Parfumer as a new body ritual, complementary to the fragrance chosen by the wearer. Composed of neutral olfactory bases with a scentable oil and cream, this innovative concept “allows the fragrance to be fully expressed without interference.”

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