Toshiba and UPM Raflatac join forces

April 8th 2021

Toshiba and UPM Raflatac They have started a collaboration at the European level. Both companies have created a solution for print no support with the latest Toshiba printer technology and the portfolio of OptiCut ™ labels high performance and uncoated by UPM Raflatac.

Through this collaboration, Toshiba and UPM Raflatac will provide a ready-to-use solution for unsupported printing. Your customers can now take advantage of the tested and approved combination of Toshiba's BV420D-GL linerless printer and UPM Raflatac's OptiCut linerless label stock for a seamlessly matched printing experience.

"The e-commerce business is asking for flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions," he says. Angel of Juan, CEO of Auto ID Europe. "By partnering with UPM Raflatac, we are able to offer our European customers a global unsupported product portfolio that is perfectly suited to our recently launched unsupported printer."

“We have designed our range of OptiCut linerless label materials to meet the most stringent efficiency requirements. Delivers clean cut performance on the printer and excellent pack adhesion. Our OptiCut label materials and Toshiba linerless printers together have been proven to deliver an excellent printing experience that benefits our customers, ”he says. Jon lenck, Director of New and Emerging Technologies, UPM Raflatac.

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