Truyol Digital acquires the first GM laser die in Spain

27, October, 2014

Truyol Digital, a company specializing in digital printing, has recently acquired a DC330 digital converting from the company Grafisk Maskinfabrik (GM) with the company's first L330 laser die in Spain.

This new device is the perfect ally for short runs and shorter delivery times. Designed to be installed in any GM converting, this equipment has a fully digital positioning system, far superior to any analog. Also, its design offers better registration (X & Y) and depth of cut control (Z). The L330 die cutter's laser cuts most materials used in the label industry. Polypropylene is the most suitable, but also paper, cardboard and transparent materials.
For its part, the DC330 digital converting is an equipment for label finishing and digital production that can carry out all the necessary conversion and finishing processes in a single system, an "all in one" system that offers quality with added value. In addition, it fully integrates with the most advanced digital printing solutions from the world's leading manufacturers, not forgetting that it works as an in-line unit or standalone team, or even functions as a printer for specialized tasks.


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