Truyol Digital launches a large format finish to create textures

July 29, 2019

Digital Truyol has incorporated a new large format finish to its catalog: the creation of embossed textures on rigid and flexible supports.
From the application of white ink in different volumes, it is possible to achieve realistic textures that, both to the touch and to the eye, resemble reality with fully defined and perceptible reliefs. This is obtained by indicating in the final artwork the desired volume for each section of the design. In addition, it is possible to apply varnish to add shine to the piece, either selectively to highlight certain areas or cover, according to the requirements of each design.
The creation of textures is done on the Jeti Mira LED MG2732 digital press. The texture with relief is achieved by combining layers of white ink combined with a certain number of passes, according to the volume indicated in the final art. Curing is done with UV LED lamps that instantly dry the white ink making it possible to overprint the CMYK of the design below, which will impart color. Finally, if desired, a selective or covering varnish is applied that will give it shine and more volume.
This finish is already available in various rigid supports such as dibond, forex or methacrylate; and flexible like vinyl or polypropylene. It is planned to progressively incorporate it into an infinity of other materials such as corrugated cardboard for packaging and POS displays.

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