Truyol Digital renews its website

March 13th 2019

TruyolDigital, Spanish digital printing company, has launched a page totally renewed website: faster, more functional, more accessible, more intuitive and much more visual.
The company has renewed its website to offer an excellent user experience, both in inquiries and in ordering. The implementation of an automated price calculation system that facilitates budget adjustment stands out. Customers only have to select the desired premises to know the price and see how their budget varies depending on their choices -type of support, finishes, sizes, etc.-.
In order to make browsing as easy as possible for its customers, Truyol Digital has also incorporated a more precise and faster search engine. In general, response times and site fluency have been optimized with a faster interface.
The structure of the page and its sections have also been visually refined, as well as being rearranged for a clearer and more intuitive classification. In this line, responsive web design has been integrated to adapt the screen to any device from which the website is being consulted, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone.
In addition to the functions that improve the customer experience, the new website has been focused as a center for creative inspiration with direct access to Instagram, the Truyol Digital platform aimed at creative designers; and with a greater role in blog where you can find creative ideas, the latest trends, endless applications and very useful technical tutorials:
This link shows all the details of its renewed website: 

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