TSMGO creates the packaging for Finca Las Yeguas wine

7, November, 2022

Finca Las Yeguas wine

Salty Cellars wants to value the uniqueness of an autochthonous variety from Seville's Aljarafe: La Garrido Fino. A winery with more than 2 centuries of history closely linked to the development of dressage and with its own stud farm. TSMGO has created the packaging for the white wine The Yeguas Farm.

An horse silhouette, which serves as a visual container of the landscape, people, lifestyles, memories, sensations and also with a pattern that is recognizable from the sparkling Family Reserve, which is the most premium of the winery. The natural texture, the impact and the sensations of the materials transport us to the naturalness and craftsmanship of the work and the detail with which they tame the farms. This project should also serve to synthesize the wine tourism project they have in mind, which is based on the pillar of the native variety.

With regards to graph solution, few but very recognizable elements that play, thanks to a minimalist composition, in making the final result very memorable. The purity of forms and the silhouette of the horse help make it very distinguishable when it is placed on a shelf alongside other wines. A typography that summarizes, like a stud iron, the clear inspiration of this wine, classic-modern, different-recognizable.

TSMGO used materials with a cottony texture to transport the consumer to the care with which the Garrido Fino is tamed. The bumps and counterforms give volume to the label making her attractive to want to touch her and discover all her details.


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