U Chocolate, the purity and exuberance of the Amazon in an ounce

24, October, 2022

U Chocolate

The aim of the U Chocolate packaging, The idea was to bring to the consumer's home a portion of the natural environment in which it is grown: the Amazonian Peru, in addition to the values ​​of sustainability, fair trade and gastronomically attractive. TSMGO he created a visual universe, under the premises of abundance and exuberance, which very directly encapsulates the seduction of an undiscovered nature.

With a strong feminine approach, the subtlety of the forms, the jungle and the details create a visual metaphor that transports us to the place of origin.

His proposal was to capitalize on the value of authenticity through the U chocolate brand and for the U (You) to be the common thread that allows semantically to traverse the territory of the Unusual, Unexpected, Unconventional, Unequivocal…Universal.

In terms of design, due to its geographical diversity, the Peruvian flora is one of the most diverse in the world; with more than 4.000 species of butterflies and birds, they wanted to transfer that reality with the creation of a visual microcosm that surrounds each one of the varieties.

They also codified the purity of the cocoa used with the intensity graduation, the higher the density, the higher the purity, and in this way we singled out each variety. A consumer aid that will visually identify and decode this item as well.

The use of totally sustainable materials reinforces the minimum intervention in the entire process.

Regarding the graphic solution, it is a commitment to a classic and resounding typography with great legibility, which serves to place the product with the absence of artifice in the most naked way and close to the origin and denote its origin. A chromatic range in which each variety creates a palette that enhances the details and harmonizes each one of the tablets, making its proposal unique.


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