A blog for glass

July 30, 2014

Verallia wants to support original initiatives that promote the use of glass. The last one is the blog My glass bottles, dedicated to current design, sustainability and innovation in glass beverage containers. Aimed at entrepreneurs, marketing directors, commercials or brand managers in the sector, it seeks to be a visual experience, both in its web concept and in its contents.

New packaging, special editions of beverages, market news, the latest trends in cocktails and their influence on the presentation of spirits, original marketing actions related to glass ... are some of the main topics of this blog. Another issue is the commitment to the environment, a concern that is revealed in his many posts dedicated to the correct recycling of glass.

In addition, the blog launches an original photography contest, sponsored by Verallia. Under the title "My Glass Photographs", it awards the best images of glass bottles, in which they go from being practical and everyday objects to becoming artistic elements. The jury will award € 500 to the winner. In addition, blog readers choose 10 finalists by popular vote, who will see their works exhibited at the Verallia facilities next September.

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