An exclusive packaging for Tequila 1800 Milenio

May 23th 2024

Tequila 1800 Millennium

El Tequila 1800 Millennium It was created in 2000 to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, where Casa Jose Cuervo opted for an exquisite and exclusive tequila with a unique distillation.  

1800 is the year in which tequila was first aged in oak barrels in Jalisco, Mexico. Since then, the original formula has not been altered and follows the same production process in which every detail is taken care of to the maximum. Such is the connection of 1800 with the history of Mexico that your bottle It includes an iconic coat of arms and its trapezoidal shape symbolizes the Mayan pyramids.

For the production of 1800, only 100% Agave Tequilana Weber Azul is used, which is harvested and collected by hand. The process of harvesting the agave itself is very laborious and requires great manual effort. To do this, the jimadores cut the stalks (pointed leaves) until they manage to remove the veil from the heart of the plant or pineapple. The pineapples are then cooked in adobe ovens for 48 hours and it is during this process that they acquire a very special flavor while the starch is converted into fermentable sugar. Once out of the ovens, the piñas are left to rest for another 14 hours to be ground and the juice of the agave can be extracted. The resulting liquid is “Aguamiel”, to which natural yeast is added to ferment the liquid between 19 and 21 hours. After fermentation, the liquid must be distilled twice, discarding the heads and tails to obtain the pure, clean core of the distillation. Finally, the tequila is bottled or aged, although in the case of 1800, all its varieties (Silver, Añejo and Reposado) are left to rest or age for different times in oak barrels: 15 days for its Silver variety; between 6 and 8 months for the Reposado and a minimum of 14 months for the Añejo.

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