An exclusive packaging for a special whiskey

4, April, 2022

Johnnie Walker whiskey

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, GPA associated with Johnnie Walker and threw a limited edition packaging for its whiskey John Walker & Sons XR Aged 21 Years.

This superior blended Scotch whiskey has flavor notes of caramel, hazelnut and dark chocolate with a long, smoky finish, and comes in an Art Deco-inspired bottle with a marbled stopper.

XR21's packaging is gold with metallic finishes. The case The presentation box is constructed of recycled gray cardboard with an outer wrapper of gold metallic foil. The front is printed with an impressive illustration of the chinese artist shan jiang. To create a sense of depth and texture and enhance the exquisite details of the design, which features a coiling dragon and a galloping horse, subtle colors, embossing, engraving and UV spots have been added.

The pack's front flap wraps to the side, where it's secured in place with a hidden magnet. Upon opening, the user is presented with the whisky, which is displayed inside a bottle-shaped recess lined with pearl paper. Two removable vacuum-formed fittings hold the bottle in place, ensuring its safety during transit.

Opposite, on the inside front flap, is printed text detailing the history of XR21 whiskey and the iconic Johnnie Walker logo in striking gold foil.

Starch-based biolaminate of this packaging replaces the standard non-recyclable polylaminate.


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