A packaging inspired by pop-art.

5th September 2012

Monoprix, a leading wholesale provider of products and services in French urban areas, has adopted the packaging solution from Trace One, the European leader in cloud collaboration platforms, to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market, in order to optimize the development of the packaging of its own brand food and beauty and health products. Monoprix has innovated with packaging inspired by pop art. Hubert Hémard, Deputy Chief Executive of Monoprix, explains that “three elements have changed in the packaging: stripes, colors and words”. Now, they use bright colors, huge characters and funny slogans. To apply this transformation to 2.000 different products, Monoprix opted for Trace One and its Packaging solution to speed up the placing on the market of these products. The use of the Trace One Packaging portal by Monoprix has brought about great benefits for the French distributor, which can be summarized in: simpler and more optimized collaboration processes, shorter packaging development time, improved precision and reliability of information (labeling, etc.), centralization and capitalization of information, lower volume of e-mails and reduction of costs.

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