A project for the alternative management of commercial packaging

7, February, 2018

The project Life Recypack coordinated by AIMPLAS will implement a new public-private model for the management of plastic waste from commercial packaging in line with the criteria of the circular economy. During the project, the management of polyethylene and expanded polystyrene waste generated by four commercial structures will be analyzed: shopping center, urban commerce, large distribution chains and SMEs. Specifically, four pilot experiences will be launched for the separation of plastic waste from commercial polyethylene and expanded polystyrene packaging in Spain and Italy, as well as two for recycling in Spain and Hungary.

Once completed, repliexperience in another 250 cities. After the project, it is expected to divert 57.000 tons of plastic waste annually from landfills that will be used for the production of high-quality recycled plastics, with an economic benefit of 10,6 million annually.


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