United Caps introduces the Bump Cap

15, May, 2023

United Caps

bump cap is a innovative stopper consisting of the following elements: a base cap, a top cap and a rough plate, all manufactured by United Caps; a Mimica activator and gel; and a smooth aluminum label that starts to feel bumpy to the touch when the drink is no longer fit for consumption.

The Bump Cap arrives at the fill line in two parts: the base cap, which has been tested by leading fill line manufacturers and requires only minimal fill line changes; and the upper cap, which contains the activator, the gel and a plate with rough bands and which is applied after the filling process with a dedicated machine, integrated into the production flow like other modules such as labeling or wrapping in film.

The top cap, where the ridges will be noticeable, is inactive until activated by the consumer when first twisting and opening. As long as the stopper feels smooth, it means the drink is still fresh; when the ridges begin to show, the consumer will know not to drink any more.

“Reactions to the Bump Cap have been very positive across the market,” he says. benoit henckes, CEO of United Caps. “It has great potential to substantially reduce food waste around the world and ensure greater food safety. Additionally, it aligns with United Caps' focus on sustainable solutions for caps and closures."

A series of Bump Cap tests were arranged with orange juice among a group of consumers. The trials were funded by EIT Food, a European organization dedicated to accelerating innovation to create a future-proof food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all. The results obtained helped Bump Cap to be chosen as one of the winners of the EIT Food Marketed Innovation Award. The trial results and its position in Forward Fooding's FoodTech500 ranking improved from 93rd to 46th.


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