Vellerino SDI presents its Vellerpharma solution to the pharmaceutical industry

January 3, 2018

Vellerino SDI, as a company specialized in the development of solutions for coding, presents its Vellerpharma solution to the pharmaceutical industry. A complete solution for the printing of fixed and variable data, on the aluminum with which the primary packaging of tablets and suppositories will be made, through a heat sealing process.

The main advantages of this solution are cost reduction and increased flexibility and autonomy. Vellerpharma achieves cost reduction at different levels by avoiding: the costs of pre-printing the material and of the surface for its storage; financial and environmental costs resulting from pre-printed material rendered useless due to deterioration and / or expiration thereof; and the cost of using hot stamping coders and the corresponding foil, for batch and date markings, since not all the information can be printed at the same time.

On the other hand, with Vellerpharma the company can easily assume the changes that it may need to make in both fixed and variable information, or in the type of ribbon to be used, if the printing and / or resistance needs for any product vary, etc.

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