Velvet Collection by Icma

May 6th 2019

ijma will present the Velvet collection, a contemporary reinterpretation of its historic Flock collection, at Packaging Première from May 28-30.
In the new velvet collection, the contribution of designer Valentina Folli focused on colors. The color palette has been redesigned, adding original and very contemporary tones, such as coral, mustard yellow and sherpa blue. These vibrant and dynamic colors are modern and fit for today's taste. Neutral colors, which are a timeless stylistic option, have also been revised to offer a more extensive range. Among the classic colors of their debut are dark blue, purple and dark and less saturated blue, which can be more easily adapted for uses and combinations. Icma has selected various metallic effects that are reproduced in gold, silver and a brilliant white color.
Blacks and whites, which already have a wide range of options, have been increased with the addition of an offset printable white and a range of weights suitable for case coating, paper converting and other uses, while The many black options include one with recycled PET flock on a post-consumer recycled waste basis. The catalog presents the entire range of colors, organized in four cascades that group warm and cool neutrals, and warm and cold saturated colors.
The Velvet collection has been designed to combine with Dimontonate Floccati's flocked polystyrene color range for thermoforming.

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