Verallia unveils its Do and Redo initiative

8th September 2021


Veralia, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of glass containers for beverages and food, has just launched a microsite, where it collects its business philosophy and shows the measures developed in favor of sustainability.

Your name, Do and redo, is a clear plea for action. They ensure that, "if we really want to have sustainable development on a global scale, we must get down to work and rethink many of the activities and customs that have been carried out for decades."

La microsite It is structured around three axes: Emission Reduction, Circular Economy and Sustainability in our Environment.

The glass manufacturer has set itself a target reduce your CO2 emissions by 27,5% in 2030. To do this, it is investing to improve its Energy Efficiency , uses green electrical energy and incorporates more and more recycled glass in its ovens, in addition to betting on eco-design, among other initiatives.

Another key axis is the development of the circular economy. Verallia has committed to increasing the incorporation rate of recycled glass by 10 points to 59% by 2025. In addition to promoting recycling, it is investing in glass hull treatment centers. All this without forgetting to promote the reuse of packaging wherever possible.

In addition, Verallia collaborates with the Adecco Foundation to help people with different abilities, works towards the integration of women in all types of jobs and makes donations, including those recently destined to the fight against Covid.

All your initiatives and activities are being collected on the microsite and in its Portuguese version

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