Veritas launches a Charity Chocolate

28, March, 2022

Solidarity Chocolate Veritas

the new tablet Veritas Solidarity Chocolate maintains the commitment of the organic supermarket chain to promote a better world and gives visibility to mental health. 100% of the profits obtained through its sale will be used to support local associations that work in favor of mental health.

“With a small gesture, such as buying a product that everyone likes, it is possible to contribute to a cause that affects or will affect 1 in 4 people throughout their lives, according to the WHO. At Veritas we are very proud to support something as relevant and current as mental health disorders, and thus continue working with our commitments and values ​​to try to generate a positive impact on society," he explains. Carlos Erroz, director of marketing and communication of the company.

The initiative will be possible thanks to all those people who purchase the Solidarity Chocolate ecological tablet, which can be found in any of the Veritas establishments, as well as the online store at a price of €1,95.

The Veritas Solidarity Chocolate bar produced by Blanxart It is made with high quality natural ingredients, among which 72% cocoa stands out. With no added sugar, the tablet has been sweetened with naturally occurring sweeteners and fermented foods.

This is the second solidarity product that Veritas develops with the aim of improving the social environment in which it carries out its activity. The Viridis solidarity deodorant launched in 2021 has managed to raise more than €28.000 to date for local associations that collaborate in the fight against breast cancer.


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