VI AECOC Congress of Urban Distribution

June 22th, 2015

AECOC, the Association of Mass Consumption Companies, brought together more than a hundred transport and public administration professionals in the framework of the VI AECOC Urban Distribution Congress, held last Thursday in Barcelona. This meeting, which is organized annually, seeks solutions to improve the distribution of goods in large Spanish cities.

Representatives of companies in the mass consumption sector, public administrations and transport companies stressed the need to intensify public-private collaboration to improve the distribution of goods in urban environments in terms of competitiveness, quality of service, environmental sustainability and quality of life of citizens.
The discussion table with the presence of Paz Valiente, deputy director of sustainability of the Madrid City Council; Adrià Gomila, director of mobility of the Barcelona City Council, José Manuel Fernández, general director of Fedishoreca, Guillem Pérez, deputy general director of MRW and Tim Ward, freight and fleer engangement manager of Transport for London allowed to maintain a dialogue between public agents and private companies to share the main needs of the sector in the distribution of goods in cities. Private agents demand more weight in decision-making processes and advocate for greater collaboration with city councils in view of the increase in commerce and the distribution of online products.
The harmonization of the different municipal regulations that affect the urban distribution of goods is one of the main needs shared by all the transport operators that participated in the Congress.
New technologies are favoring a clear change in consumer habits of citizens. The transport companies that are best adapting to the needs of the new consumer are those that have been able to put the recipient at the center of the strategy coordinated with their customers. For this reason, the services offered by the online supermarket Ulabox with Icaria Grup and Grupo Planeta with the transport operator Redyser are highly valued by consumers. In 4 years of life, the online supermarket Ulabox has loyal 40.000 customers with a delivery service marked by the recipient from 7 a.m. to 23 p.m. and Icaria Grup has digitized the ordering system in such a way that it can redesign routes at any time. For its part, Redyser has achieved 96% delivery effectiveness in the first attempt and has achieved this by giving the recipient flexibility to choose how best to receive the merchandise.

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