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February 23th 2015

An original proposal that allows you to include a hidden message on the label

An original proposal that allows a hidden message to be included on the label, only visible through augmented reality. This is a novel project for a family of wines, whose destiny is to become a gift with a hidden message that can only be deciphered through augmented reality. 
The design for Vinsual follows two different packaging lines. On the one hand, the Young white and the Red Crianza, collect on their labels the essence of correspondence by letter and are presented inside a cylindrical box as a letterbox. The red Reserva, sealed and wrapped in elegant paper, is presented in a more lyrical way by the hand of a conch shell, which will show us the way to the hidden message.
The work carried out by Calcoo for the Vinsual family of wines was selected in the Packaging category of the Anuaria Awards.


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