Winter & Company presents WINLAY®, a packaging solution based on high-quality molded fibers and without plastic

June 14th, 2024

Winter & Company

WINLAY® It is recyclable within the paper recycling process, biodegradable and, therefore, a more ecological alternative to traditional packaging materials such as foam or plastic. It is manufactured entirely from renewable natural resources, as well as recycled fibers. WINLAY® contains a high percentage of recycled fibers, is fully recyclable with the same system used with paper and thus contributes to a circular economy.

Winter & Company offers a wide range of decoration possibilities. Embossing and dry stamping are part of the molding process, minimizing additional costs. Other decoration methods, such as film stamping, screen printing, and pad printing, are done after the molding process.

For the manufacture of WINLAY®, use FSC® certified virgin fibers derived from responsibly managed forests, PCW recycled pulp fibers, PIW sugar cane waste and bamboo fibers.

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