Winter Company Spain

November 16th 2012

Winter Company Spain, SAU held two events under the name of Discover. The first took place in Madrid on June 19 at the Antiguo Bodegas San Blas and the second in Barcelona on June 21 at the Palau Dalmases. Discover, as its name suggests, is an event where all the clients, contacts, collaborators and friends of Winter Company Spain came together to discover the news in relation to the world of the different papers and materials that the group has for binding. of books and the lining of perfume, cosmetic, wine, liquor, shoe, luxury and jewelery boxes and packaging.
The Winter Company group, with its headquarters in Basel (Switzerland), is a conglomerate of companies that are spread all over the world, being a benchmark in terms of the wide variety of qualities in lining materials. Firms such as Armani, Chanel, Cartier, Loewe, etc. they are part of his clientele.
Winter Company Spain SAU was born from the total absorption by the Winter group of the former company Comercial Compte, SA in 2009 with its warehouses and central offices in the Barcelona town of El Papiol.

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