Xeikon improves its Panther technology

August 28st, 2019

Xeikon has developed a specific solution for printers looking to improve and expand their range of labels. It is the unique combination of the Xeikon X-800 workflow and PantherCure UV ink, which can generate a tactile layer, responsible for what is known as the “haptic effect” in printing. Printers can easily create designer labels with better feel and textures that convey a luxurious feel.
The new process haptic print Not only does Xeikon increase and broaden the range of possible applications for the high-end label markets, but it saves considerable time by avoiding modifications to prepress files. Tactile effects on labels are highly appreciated by the beer, beverage, food, and health and beauty markets.
Jeroen Van Bauwell, Director of Product Management, notes: “The technology that generates the textured and touch layer is built into Panther's X-800 workflow. The brand's owners and designers are the ones who define the structure, shape and design. When the file is received, the workflow automatically recognizes the design elements and generates the information necessary to drive the print head; thus the haptic effect is created in the printing of the final product ”.

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