Lumson XPaper honored at Cosmopack Awards 2022

10, May, 2022

Lumson XPaper

After winning the ADI Design Index Award for Innovation 2021, XPaper, Lumson's airless paper dispenserwas the winner in the category Skincare & Haircare Packaging Technology in the Cosmopack Awards 2022.

Lumson's paper airless option was not only considered one of the most innovative packaging solutions, but also emerged as "the perfect blend of smart design, security and advanced functionality with a sustainable twist." The possibility of separating the plastic components from the paper ones, once the product it contains has been exhausted, makes the container easily recyclable and in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

XPaper's innovation lies in the material from which the bottle is made, paper, which, thanks to new printing technologies, is transformed into a premium material, capable of elevating the content and packaging while respecting the environment as much as possible.

XPaper, currently patent pending, combines sustainability with safety, another key issue for cosmetic packaging. In fact, the new airless paper dispenser is part of the large Touchless family, airless containers with bags equipped with a hermetic closure system patented by Lumson.


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