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20, June, 2022

ABB robots

FIG presents robotic cell for 3D metal printing, equipped with the ultra-fast industrial robot IRB 6700. With a load capacity of up to 300 kg and a range of 2,6 to 3,2 meters, the IRB 6700 achieves greater precision, shorter cycle time and greater protection. It is available with ABB's Foundry Plus 2 protection system, which results in 15% lower power consumption. The IRB 6700 family includes 10 variants, available as floor mounted or inverted versions. The IRB6700 is integrated with SafeMove for the detection of people protecting operators and improving the safety and efficiency of processes.

Moreover, the next-generation ABB collaborative robot Cobot GoFa™ 15000 you can simultaneously share the workspace with people, granting maximum flexibility and efficiency. Designed to handle 5kg loads, GoFa has integrated torque sensors in each of its six joints that deliver superior power and performance limiting. Together they prevent the risk of injury by immediately pausing GoFa if it detects any contact with a worker. Also, thanks to the FlexPendant and the easy programming software Wizard Easy Programming it is possible to operate the robot in just a few minutes, and without the need for robot programming knowledge.

ABB adds to its robotics portfolio the Autonomous Mobile Robots. With a load capacity of up to 1000kg, the EBOT 350 is fast and efficient, allowing optimal maneuverability, thanks to its compact design and omnidirectional and turning technology on the ground. This line of platforms can perform longitudinal and transverse movements, allowing greater agility and efficiency in intralogistics merchandise movements.

One of the main features is freedom of movement, saving space and time with its ability to move in all directions. The protection of the environment is 360°, in a collaborative security space free of physical barriers. The versatility of tasks, with applications with multiple origins and destinations that offer flexible locations and, finally, the intelligent connectivity with the transmission of information in real time to facilitate data analysis and decision making.


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