Marketing of plastic, glass and aluminum containers for cosmetics and perfumery, hygiene and home fragrance.
Atomizing spray pumps for perfume.
Aluminum splint collars.
Aluminum and wood corks for perfume (standard and custom models).
Decoration customization and advice service (screen printing, stamping, metallization, varnishing).

Business Details

RAFESA, founded in 1982, offers innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, adapted to customer requirements.

RAFESA has a wide range of containers and accessories. These can be personalized by satin, varnish, screen printing or hot stamping, among others, adapting to the client's needs.

One of Rafesa's reference values ​​is to be respectful with the environment, therefore, as far as possible, it works with materials and processes that reduce environmental impact. To do this, it works with plastic materials that reduce the consumption of fossil resources such as PET-R, Green PE, or PCR. In glass containers, models are being offered where the raw material is up to 90% recycled material and in wood accessories it is required to have PECF Chain of Custody Certification.


Xarol Square, 23
Pol. Ind. Les Guixeres

Tel: (+934) 608 800 XNUMX
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