Ramón Clemente, SA


Manufacture of glass jars and jars, manufacture of molds for Perfumery and Cosmetics. There is the possibility of selling standard models through the website www.rclemente.net (online sale).

Glass finishing: screen printing (cold, hot, any type of ink, gold, silver), hot stamping, pad printing and tinting. Metallization of the plastic by high vacuum and UV finishing. Painted plastic and glass parts.

Business Details

RAMÓN CLEMENTE is a group of family businesses that works exclusively in the Perfumery and Cosmetics sector, since 1931.
The RAMÓN CLEMENTE Group is characterized by:
1.Be specialized in perfumery and cosmetics. His clients are: Puig Beauty, De Ruy Perfumes, Mixer, Sisley, Maesa, Parour, P. Ulric de Varens, L'Occitane, Mavive, Air-Val, Luxess, etc.
2.Offer a complete service: from the design of the bottle, the molds, to the finished product, including all accessories. And flexibility in the entire project development process, as well as in production.
3. Guarantee quality in all processes.


C / República Argentina, 15 08320 EL MASNOU (BARCELONA)

935 404 012 / 935 550 250
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