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Urea screw caps. Urea dropper caps. Urea caps for vaporizers. Screw-on urea lids for jars. Urea jars. They offer their clients an integrated service with all possible finishes; traditional metallized, UV metallized, painted, lacquered, decoration by screen printing, stamping, injection parts as a complement to their parts ...

Business Details

PLÁSTICOS JUÁREZ was created by Don Luis Juárez Sevilla in 1959. For more than 50 years the company has specialized in the manufacture of urea stoppers, lids and jars for the perfumery and cosmetics market, both standard models and exclusive developments. The technique and experience in their sector have allowed them to develop innovative, modern and truly unique pieces in urea, which allows them to count among their clients with renowned firms both nationally and internationally. They export to: France, the United States, Greece, Portugal, Denmark and Norway.

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C / Sant Lluc, 11-13 08918 BADALONA (BARCELONA)

933 876 445 | 933 883 346
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