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Production and marketing of containers, mostly plastic, for the cosmetic, dermopharmacy and personal hygiene industries.
Wide range of standard, medium and high-end jars for cosmetics.
Cosmetic bottles in PEHD, with different types of closures.
Containers with foaming valve or foamers.
Airless for cosmetic formulations.
Spatulas and other accessories.
Personalization service through screen printing, stamping and special effects (varnishing, metallization, gradient).

Business Details

METPLAS, with more than 40 years of experience, focuses its activity on the manufacture and commercialization of packaging for cosmetics, dermopharmacy and personal hygiene.

Its wide variety of standard models allows it to offer complete packaging solutions for cosmetics, customizable using various techniques, offering different finishes such as metallic, satin, screen-printed text or logo engraving.

METPLAS is the official distributor of Silgan Dispensing's foaming containers, manufactured in the Netherlands and the widest on the market, as well as its airless models, manufactured in France, which are easy to fill and fully protect sensitive formulas.

METPLAS minimizes its impact on the environment by recycling plastic surpluses, internally reusing packaging material and prioritizing proximity suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint. It also offers the possibility of manufacturing the bottles for the foamers with material from sugar cane, biobased PEHD, and some foamer and airless models with PCR-PP or Post Consumer Recycled PP material, favoring a circular economy.

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Albert Einstein, 9-11 - Pol. Ind. Almeda

Tel: 934 741 286
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