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Its main objective is to help the competitive improvement of the companies that comprise it, in order to generate more and better business for companies and entities in the world of packaging. This improvement comes from the promotion of networking, knowledge and business, which are worked through six strategic axes: R & D & I projects, Intercluster workshops, Technical and innovation conferences, Internationalization and global positioning, Reflection and strategic change and Training and recruitment of talent; which have an annual Activity Plan.

Business Details

The PACKAGING CLUSTER has 103 partners, who represent the entire value chain of the field, which include R&D, Raw Materials and Intermediate Products; the machinery; Peripherals and End of Line; the Manufacturers of Containers; and end users.

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Center d'empreses Industrials Can Roqueta Av. Can Bordoll, 119 08202 SABADELL (BARCELONA)

937 00 24 30
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