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Inspiration is the key to creativity. Its unique collection of products brings the fantasies of leading design professionals to life, continually drawing inspiration from the world of covering materials. Hand in hand with their clients, they can create custom designs never seen before.

Business Details

WINTER COMPANY SPAIN is part of the Swiss group WINTER & COMPANY that began its activity in 1.892 and acquired 100% of the Spanish headquarters in 2009.
WINTER & COMPANY is a large multinational company led by the fourth family generation with an innovative spirit, committed to the environment and society. It offers its clients an exclusive selection of high quality and design materials for the lining of boxes, cases and all kinds of book covers, stationery articles, etc.
ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY - PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. As a matter of principle, they act in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way. This is the foundation of your long-term success.
SUSTAINABILITY IS YOUR LONG-TERM GOAL. Complying with applicable regulations and strict self-imposed standards, they ensure that their environmental impact is minimized and that their ecological, economic and social policy contributes towards a more sustainable environment. These three pillars form the foundation of the company and aid the continuous development of its products.
WINTER WRUP-CYCLING —NEW COATING MATERIALS. WINTER WRUP-Cycling is an upcycling process applied by WINTER & COMPANY in which selected and sustainable raw materials, and especially recycled raw materials from post-consumer (PCW) and post-industrial (PIW) waste, are processed in new coating materials.

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C / Xile, 1 - 08754 EL PAPIOL (BARCELONA)

Tel: 902 32 32 36
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