Alglass, SA


Custom packaging projects for perfumery and cosmetics.
Standard and customized semi-automatic manufacturing jars.
Standard and custom self-made jars.
Low Profile Sprayer Pumps.
Threaded Spray Pumps.
Dispensing pumps for creams.
Plugs pressed in urea.
Injected caps pp and surlyn.
Aluminum Hoods.
Bottles decoration: nuanced, silkscreen, painted.
Decoration plugs.

Business Details

Leading company in the packaging sector for perfumery and cosmetics specialized in offering tailor-made solutions to its customers.
Its more than 37 years of experience in the manufacture of glass through the semi-automatic process have given it the recognition of the most prominent national and international firms.
Being a distributor of APTAR for spray pumps and dispensers and of VERESCENCE for standard containers of automatic manufacture, ALGLASS, SA offers a wide variety of quality products to satisfy all the needs of its customers.
They export to: France, Italy, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, the United States, Morocco, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman), Argentina, New Zealand.


C / Filadores, 708918 BADALONA (BARCELONA)

(933) 880 500
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