Development and manufacture of packaging for perfumery and cosmetics and other sectors.
Aluminum drawing and stamping.
Design, prototyping and development of tools.
Anodizing on fully automatic lines.
Decorations on metal and plastic: mechanical engraving, laser engraving, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, incorporation of accessories, etc.
Plastic injection (aesthetic packaging and technical components).
Assembly in automatic and semi-automatic lines.

Technical advice and collaboration with the client in the creation of a new product launch.

Business Details

TESEM is a leader in the development and manufacture of aluminum and plastic packaging components for perfumery and cosmetics. TESEM offers a comprehensive service to its customers: industrial design, mold construction, prototyping, manufacturing, anodizing, plastic injection, metallization, lacquering, decorations and assembly.
Founded in 1985, the company has become a benchmark in its sector thanks to:
-A solid experience and knowledge of metal shaping techniques.
-Ability to develop projects of high technological complexity.
-Six production plants located near Barcelona, ​​with state-of-the-art automatic machinery and control systems.
-High production capacity (TESEM produces more than 250 million components per year).
-A team of highly qualified experts to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

TESEM offers customized and standard solutions. Most of the projects developed are fragrance launches for big brands. Its products include aluminum caps, caps, metal plates, necklaces, sleeves and other aluminum and plastic components for perfumery and cosmetics.
TESEM collaborates with the most prestigious brands in the sector and is sensitive to the growing needs of the market, with a special focus on developing a more sustainable product.


C / del Ter, 165 Pol. Ind. Matabosch 08570 Torelló (Barcelona)

(938) 592 624
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