Light Me Up, the refillable airless pencil from Quadpack

April 17th 2023

quad pack

Light Me Up is the new refillable airless flow pen from Quadpack, with four cold-effect sensory applicators that provide a well-being experience with a simple gesture.

Light Me Up is ideal for brands that want to offer a precise application without affecting the formula, since the airless system protects bulk products from the effects of air. This versatile 6,6 ml pencil can hold make-up or skin care products, and is especially suitable for low-viscosity formulas.

The refill system is practical and intuitive: the bottle inside can be easily removed, with a simple twist, to recycle and replace it. The four cold-effect sensory applicators create a personalized experience; brands can launch an entire collection or choose the applicator that best suits their formula.

The refill is PP and the entire pack is available with up to 30% PCR content, making it more sustainable. Light Me Up's life cycle assessment shows that the refillable version of this flow pen emits 50% less CO2 than the non-refillable version. In addition, its circularity index increases fivefold. This product has achieved the "Advanced" level of sustainability according to Quadpack's Positive Impact Packaging (PIP) index.

Light Me Up can be decorated using various techniques thanks to the new finishing capabilities offered by Quadpack.

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