April 20th 2015

Loewe has entrusted Pujolasos wood & pack to develop the exclusive stoppers for the two new Loewe 001 fragrances (female and male). Following the line of Loewe values

In the 30th anniversary year of the launch of the Aire Loewe women's fragrance, Loewe has joined La Real Fábrica de La Granja, which has made 300 perfumers for Aire Loewe, blown one by one by their master craftsmen.
Each of them is a unique piece that will be in the points of sale while stocks last. They can be purchased, for the purchase of Aire Loewe, from this month of April, on the occasion of Mother's Day.
This jewel-like handcrafted crystal wrap dresses the recognizable curved shapes of the successful Loewe perfume, a timeless Eau de Toilette.

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