Alpla promotes research on sustainable raw materials

August 2st, 2021

With the acquisition of a significant minority stake in the Slovak company Panara as, the Group Alpla promotes research on sustainable raw materials for packaging. Panara focuses on the development of fully biological and biodegradable plastics.

Alpla pursues a holistic approach that requires all of its product areas and future packaging solutions to be developed with a circular economy so it works. Hence they are selected bio-based and biodegradable materials that are suitable for packaging. For this reason, Alpla is investing in Panara as

The president of Alpla, Gunther Lehner, states: “Panara has a lot of experience in the area of ​​bioplastics. By acquiring a stake in the company and partnering with Panara, we want to leverage this experience and enable knowledge transfer for our applications and customers. "

Fully biodegradable and compostable plastic

Panara has been doing research in the area of biopolymers since 2006. This implies its association with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and the Center for Applied Research for Ecological Polymeric Materials (CEPOMA) in Nitra.

The company recently introduced a bioplastic, with the Nonoilen brand, which is made entirely with renewable resources, is recyclable and can be completely transformed into industrial compost at the end of its life cycle. The material is also temperature resistant and stable.

Christian zmölnig, director of research and corporate innovation at -alpla, sees the collaboration as another step in the direction of the packaging of the future: «As a technological leader in the area of ​​packaging materials, we participate in continuous work with partners to develop new raw materials that will minimize carbon dioxide emissions and the consumption of resources. '

Alpla is also involved in the development of paper bottles with the company Paboco and has introduced a compostable coffee capsule at home.

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