Seized 15.000 bottles of Tónica Schweppes that were sold illegally

20, January, 2014

By order of Commercial Court No. 1 of A Coruña, the precautionary cessation of the commercialization of Tónica Schweppes manufactured in the United Kingdom has been ordered. In addition, the seal and deposit of the Schweppes Tonics manufactured in the United Kingdom that the Atlántico Refreshments Company had in its premises have been ordered because these products are considered illicit trade.
More than 15.000 bottles of Tónica Schweppes not manufactured in Spain have been sealed by Schweppes SA, the only legitimate owner of the brand in Spain. The commercialization of products identified by a registered trademark in Spain that are manufactured by another Company that does not have trademark rights in the Spanish territory is considered a trademark infringement. The product seizure has been carried out for a commercial infringement of trademark law, all within the respect of the European legal framework.


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