Biodegradable containers with new functionalities win the National Packaging and Packaging Awards

May 22th 2018

A designer make-up kit made of cellulose; a system that makes it difficult to open the cap for children, but not for the elderly; a grouper to buy made-to-measure puddings; a reusable packaging that preserves food for e-commerce; and a cap that measures the amount of intake of products such as medicines or salt have been the winning projects of the IX edition of the National Packaging and Packaging Awards.

The awards ceremony held last night has brought together more than 300 professionals, students, political and university representatives in Valencia. The Awards promoted by the Container and Packaging Cluster have, since this edition, the support of the Packaging Cluster of Catalonia. More than 300 students from 20 Spanish Universities and Design Schools have responded to the challenges launched by five leading companies in the fields of electronic commerce, children's products, food, cosmetics and pharmacy.

As a novelty on this occasion, after the awards ceremony, the I Packaging Meet of the Packaging Cluster was held. The objective was to unite the university world with companies.

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