Neopac wins the ETMA 2015 award for its laminated tubes

August 12st, 2015

The Polyfoil® PP tube with the Neopac Twist'n'Use ™ applicator has been awarded the coveted award from the European Tube Manufacturers Association (ETMA) in the category 'laminated tube'.

Safersonic uses the winning tube in the medical field for ultrasound gel. It has the following properties:
• Sterile: Polyfoil® PP laminate autoclavable (up to 121 ° Celsius). 
• Tamper-proof plug: internal twist-off with no loose parts. 
• Individual use: no content contamination. 
• Hygiene: precise application cannula. 
• Practical: easy to open with the wing cap. 
• Safe: Gel highly protected against external influences by the Polyfoil® PP laminate.

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