Superunion and Notpla win the Design Grand Prix at Cannes

July 28, 2021

Notpla not plastic

super union, WPP's branding consultancy, and the sustainable packaging brand, notpla have been recognized with the Design Grand Prix at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2021. super union has worked with this startup of packaging from algae-based materials in the creation of your name, brand strategy and visual identity; with the aim of positioning it as a benchmark in sustainability due to its commitment to generating a positive environmental impact in the world.

Founded in 2014 by Pierre-Yves Paslier and Rodrigo García González, Notpla's mission is to make packaging disappear naturally as we know it. The company offers a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic packaging using a material based on algae that decomposes naturally in weeks, compared to the 700 years of plastic.

Notpla can be used directly to replace plastic cups at festivals or sporting events, such as sauce bags, known as sachets. It can also be used as a liner for cardboard, creating a flexible film that can be used in a wide range of products suitable for different industries, such as take-out boxes.

Superunion created the name Notpla - an abbreviation for "Not plastic" - that reflects the natural origin of the container and that completely differentiates the company from the saturated bioplastics market. The identity of the brand focuses on its main mission: to make packaging disappear. The animated and interactive logo reflects a container that can be filled with water, juices, cocktails or sauces, and when emptied, the exterior disappears, as does its container. The new identity was applied on the Notpla website.

Notpla has produced 400.000 sachets to date and continues to move forward, driven by its new brand identity. It has partnered with international events such as the London Marathon and London Cocktail Week and with leading brands such as Just Eat and Unilever.

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